The Coaching Game

An award-winning, powerful tool for individuals and groups and an asset in the professional toolkit.
Already translated into 19 languages and used across 150 countries.

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What Is The Coaching Game

The Coaching Game is a creative and effective tool for personal and professional development.
This easy-to-use game features associative cards, each depicting a photographic image and a topic, accompanied by a thought-provoking book, inviting us to experience countless points of view, break free from set patterns of thought, and open up new possibilities for expansion and growth.

Who Can Benefit From
The Coaching Game

Great for individuals, professionals and organizations. Life and business coaches, trainers, therapists, psychologists, counselors, consultants, HR professionals, managers, group leaders and others use The Coaching Game to facilitate awareness and action, insights and growth. It’s a powerful tool for self-discovery, team building and leadership development, as well as at social gatherings and corporate settings. Played individually, one-on-one, by small and large groups, it can be easily adapted to every audience, objective and theme. And it’s fun!

Expand your professional toolkit

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Hands-on tool that goes beyond words to touch on significant issues in an effective and non-confrontational manner.

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Individually, one-on-one or in a group, the game is easily adapted to every audience, objective and method.

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A visual and associative tool that helps to clarify abstract ideas and put your messages across clearly.

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Uncover underlying differences, encourage authentic conversations about complex issues and build new bridges.

Rp 4.100.000

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The Kit

The Coaching Game kit includes:

  • Deck of 65 inspirational cards, each depicting a visual point of view and a theme that touches our lives.
  • 165-page, full-color book presenting a “surround-view” of each theme through stories, quotes and coaching questions.
  • Process Maps laying out four powerful processes to guide the path of exploration.
  • Focus Notes for valuable insights and action items.
  • A canvas case, soft yet durable, made of recycled, biodegradable and environmentally friendly fabric.
  • Free access to online support, guidance, ideas and training on how to use The Coaching Game in professional settings.


Kok hasil analisa dan penemuan proses ini sama seperti hasil finger print test anak saya?”Itulah sebuah pengakuan orang tua saat saya mengadakan sebuah worshop kecil parenting bertema “Menemukan inspirasi pola asuh melalui The Coaching Game”.Wow sedalam itu kekuatan The Coaching Game. Salah satu senjata andalan yang paling sering saya gunakan karena fleksibilitas-nya. Satu kartu bisa menggali banyak hal. Praktis untuk saya! 

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Buat saya, The Coaching Game merupakan media kreatif yang seru, sangat aplikatif dan fleksibel. Bisa dipakai untuk self reflection,self coaching,one on one coaching, sampai interaksi grup besar. Saya berharap ada lebih orang yang mempelajari The Coaching Game dan memanfaatkan untuk memaksimalkan potensi diri.

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Rp 4.100.000

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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