Points of You is an evolutional tool for coporate

Google, Intel, Silc du Soleir Teva and Intel and more applied Points of You® for their human resource.
Professional coaches, business consultant and executives accept the tool of power in 147 countries world wide.


As a tool promote a better understanding of individuals in a team

A Professional who is not good at conversation, gets big improvement in communicating with others

As a tool for deriving solutions from different points of view

Not numeric values but

Specific solutions with a focus on people

As an ice break tool to encourage flexible thinking at meeting

A stream of ideas for new product development can be generated in just 30 minutes


Application example of Cirque du soleil

Promote a better understanding of individuals in a team

Cirque du Soleil has adopted our tool for a conference to convey the performer's achievement over a long period. The person in charge pointed out the problem "To be honest, they are professional actors, but they aren't very good at telling what they are going to get with the task, and eventually the managers take longer to figure out the actors' meaning." Points of You® solved this problem. Even actors who aren't good at communicating can tell the managers clear about their current situation, and convey managers' instructions more clear.

Application example of IKEA

Seek approriate solutions from different points of view

At IKEA, the Sales Department has been utilizing Points of You®. The first time to think to utilize Points of You® was the miscommunication between sales employees and managers, they failed to conduct open and constructive dialogue, and no tangible result. In past sales meetings, many measures like increasing the number of visits and telephone sales had been taken to achieve numerical targets. By leveraging the creative tools of Points of You®, many business-related topics, such as how to create a businessfriendly environment or bad effect on the business, can also be discussed. The tools give them an opportunity to work out concrete measures by focusing and giving voice to the employees who is actually engaged in business, instead of just chasing numbers.


The tools utilize "image and intuition" rather than "language", so unexpected awareness may be get. It's very interesting.
Office worker (Male in his 30's)

I think that the Coaching Game is the top level of the"completed method" that it can stimulate my right brain to draw out and organize a lot of information, and share the values, plans and roles with my friends.
Working for a manufacturing company (Male in his 50s)

It's amazing! Interesting! Surprising!
And ...
Right brain is running at full throttle!
Working in IT industry (Woman in her 40s)

I enjoyed the workshops with a sense of satisfaction and excitement that you can't experience in coaching only with questions.
Working in IT industry (Male in 40s)

I was impressed with the question "Can't you see like this?" it's a direction that I did not think at all.
Natural therapist (Woman in her 40s)

It's amazing! Interesting! Surprising!
And ...
Right brain is running at full throttle!
Working in IT industry (Woman in her 40s)

When I spread out the cards, it really does feel like the world is spreading there. When I look at the pictures one by one, somehow I have a feeling that those pictures reflect myself.
Marketing consultant

Through this experience, I felt that the "answers" of everything, including potential things, are all in myself. Even though I don't know what to do, I felt that myself is the main cause confusing me. 
Government official (Woman in her 40s)

Tracing the memories and images that recalled from the pictures, you may get an unexpected answer.
Professional coach (Male in his 40s)

I think Points of You® is a tool that helps you understand "what kind of person you are". Also, it feels like improving my ability to respond quickly to presented information by repeating the Coaching Game.
College student (Male in his 20s)

The ways of seeing a picture (possibility of imagination) vary from person to person. I'll keep training my right brain, and enriching my way of feeling things.
Nursing care staff (Woman in her 20s)

Questions are asked from different perspectives, and there is an impression that participants pick up what piqued their interest from among them. The atmosphere of the workshop was nice and well, without any pressure.
Working in insurance industry (Woman in her 20s)