The Refresh! Set

Good things come in threes
Refresh! 01, 02, and 03 – more tools to Refresh! our points of view

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What is The Refresh! Set

Refresh! is a set of 3 mini coaching games that together create

a versatile, powerful tool for personal and professional development.

Featuring new photographic images, themes and points of view, this set offers a wonderful opportunity to Refresh! and broaden your Points of You®  toolset.

Alternatively, it can be used as a stand-alone coaching game offering countless points of view  – and meaningful opportunities to experience, explore, expand.

Who Can Benefit From The Refresh! Set

The Refresh! set is great for those who want a taste of Points of You®,

and even greater for those who already know us and want more.

It is used by life and business coaches, trainers, therapists, psychologists, counselors,

consultants, HR professionals, managers, group leaders and others.

It is an effective tool for self-discovery, team building and leadership development,

as well as at coaching or therapy sessions, social gatherings and corporate settings.

Refresh! can be easily adapted to every audience, objective and theme.

Expand your professional toolkit

by pass logic

Hands-on tool that goes beyond words to touch on significant issues in an effective and non-confrontational manner.

by pass logic

Individually, one-on-one or in a group, the game is easily adapted to every audience, objective and method.

by pass logic

A visual and associative tool that helps to clarify abstract ideas and put your messages across clearly.

by pass logic

Uncover underlying differences, encourage authentic conversations about complex issues and build new bridges.

Rp 3.100.000

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The kit

  • 39 photo cards, each depicting a visual point of view and a theme that touches our lives (13 for each Refresh!).
  • Full-color booklets presenting a “surround-view” of each theme through stories, quotes and coaching questions.
  • Process Maps laying out four powerful processes to guide the path of exploration. 
  • Greeting Cards to share with others.
  • Beautifully-designed folders, made of recycled, biodegradable and environmentally friendly material.
  • Free access to online support, guidance, ideas and training on how to use The Coaching Game in professional settings.


Refreshsangat praktis sehingga dapat dibawa kemana-mana. Tiba-tiba bertemu rekan yang pengen dicoaching tanpa direncanakan sebelumnya, bisa dilakukan karena bawa alat ini. Refreshjuga saya gunakan sebagai pendamping atau tambahan ketika tools TheCoaching Game atau Punctum tidak mencukupi jumlah peserta group coaching yg saya lakukan.

Ismarli Muis - Dosen, Psikolog, Coach, Trainer

Certified Expert (Level 3) Points of You Indonesia

Ketika saya berjumpa pertama kali dengan kartu Refresh, saya seolah "recieving message" dariunconcius mindtentang apa yg sesungguhnya sedang saya alami. Gambar yg terdapat didalam kartu Refresh dari seri 01, 02, 03 khas dengan suasana segar, ceria dipenuhi dengandinamika warna yg menarik. Hal lain yg menarik adalah dapat digunakan secara terpisah dari tiap setnya atau dikolaborasi dengan The Coaching Game, Punctum dan Faces. Saya sering menggunakan kartu ini dalam sesi one on one baik sesi konseling maupun coaching. Kartu yg simpel, ringan untuk dibawa dan sangat layak untuk dimiliki.

Bambang Styawan - Certified Professional Coach, Certified International Counselor Addiction Professional I

Certified Practitioner (Level 2) Points of You Indonesia

Rp 3.100.000

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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